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Miss Pipsqueak
13 August 1983
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My name is Kristina, I live in Hull, Quebec in my own apartment. I guess I fall into the category of Lesbian, but I tend to identify more as bisexual due to fantasies involving men. I work at Cyberus an ISP on Bank St in Ottawa. It's basically a tiny call center where I do tech support, billing and sales -- I wear a lot of hats in the company. I'm looking for something more in my field of interests like social work, or graphic/web design but thus far no luck. Eventually maybe...

I lead an interesting lifestyle. I have been single for two years, now discovering an interest in bdsm, polyamory, and D/s. I've been hoping to stretch my legs in all three but I haven't had much luck on that end.

I love to meet people, and wander about downtown aimlessly. I love window shopping, and it's hard to get me to leave trivium without a large dent in my bank account, Venus Envy is also an evil evil store.